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Country Flowers And Gifts

country flowers and gifts

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country flowers and gifts - Growing Up

Growing Up a Country Girl: Flowers and Fields and Fun in the Sun

Growing Up a Country Girl: Flowers and Fields and Fun in the Sun

Following in the footsteps of the popular Growing Up a Country Boy comes this spunky tribute to the down–home sweetness in every country girl.
This loving collection dedicated to the adventures and musings of little girls features the captivating artwork of oil painter Donald Zolan, whose charming scenes of the heartland beautifully capture country life. Heartwarming quotes and literary excerpts about the wonder of girlhood accompany the book’s delightful renderings of youngsters playing on the farm, frolicking with kittens, and daydreaming in the great outdoors.
With its nod to rural life and simpler times, this spirited volume is the perfect gift for anyone whose heart has been captured by the giggles and smiles of a country girl.

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Quick Gift Fall Country Flowers Mini ($25)

Quick Gift Fall Country Flowers Mini ($25)

With Nancy Mullman -- Quick fusible applique of sunflowers in an old Mason jar, you will quilt the mini wall hanging while doing the machine applique. Quick and easy for a gift or home decorating for fall.
10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, October 22



Azurea – a lovely wildflower – is a softie doll, made of cotton fabrics and wool. Her hair and skirt are hand embroidered. Measures 19,69 in (50 cm).

country flowers and gifts

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